Welcome to the Whitewater Unified School District Support Site

Please Note: The support site is starting fresh for the 2015-2016 school year. This means that all tickets submitted prior to 8/21/15 are no longer accessible. Any open tickets have been transferred to the new support site.

When logging into the support site, please ensure that you are using your Network Credentials - the same username and password you use to log into your district owned laptop or desktop. Using your email address will not work.

Known District Issues

Printer Access

August 21, 2015: If you are having difficulties connecting to printers, please be sure that you Log Off and log back on. The laptops need to reconnect to the server after the summer in order to make sure that printers are accessible.

If you are still unable to access the printers, please check to verify the printer is on and is connected to the network. Finally, verify that you are connected to the District Wireless. If your laptop defaulted to connecting to wusdpublic please follow the guide [here] to correct the issue.

Device Profiles Being Deleted

August 12, 2015: Over the summer, if your laptop was not used, the system deleted your user profile. The user profile holds your documents, desktop, pictures and music on the laptop. This does not affect any of your network drives. After being reported, the policies on the server have been modified to prevent this from happening. Please note that if you were affected by this policy that the only way to recover your documents would be to access the backup you were encouraged to perform at the end of last school year.